3D Archery Course Now Available For Summer

The Outdoor 3D Archery Course is now open to all members from Dawn until Dusk. 

Got the itch to get some bow time in? 

Take a stroll through the range and hit a few targets!

We have a path to follow and currently have 6 targets set up in the woods behind the club pond. The course trail will be improved as time goes on. We are off to a good start!

The access to the 3D archery course trail is on Swartz Ave, past the club pond.. look for the phone pole and the yellow post. The entrance to the trail is right next to it (at some point we’ll have a sign).

As you walk up you will see pink ribbons in the trees where current (and possible future targets) are set up. Currently we have a buck, a coyote, a turkey, javelina (pig), boar and a bear.

Enjoy the course and please give us some feedback if you have suggestions or just have fun shooting!

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