Club Olympics Saturday 7/30/2022
Arrive @ 12:00 PM to get signed in, pick teams, etc. Games start at 1:00 PM
We are doing the “Club Olympics” again!Same format as last year.
 Blind draw – teams of 2 – double elimination.
Each team will play:
2 games of Horse shoes
2 games of billiards
& 2 games of darts.

Teams will play one of each game and then move on to another game and so on.

$20.00 per player. 
This years food will be burgers, dogs and pasta or potato salad.

A sign up sheet will be posted on the billboard. 

We will also be able to jam out with some tunes (inside and out) on the new sound system!

We will need a few volunteers to “manage” each game, cook food, etc.

Don’t miss out on this great time!
Hope to see yous all there!

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