Grab your Bow and shoot some arrows!


STARTING WEDNESDAY MARCH 16TH Indoor Archery events will be Wednesday evenings @ 6:30pm - approx. 8:30pm It will run for 5 weeks with last shoot on April 13. Indoor Archery will be open to all RSC Members. Guests are also welcome to shoot but will need to be signed in since they will be inside the building. Cost will be $5 per person on a weekly basis. 60 arrows (5 per round), 12 rounds. We will use the cube shaped archery targets that are currently in the indoor range. The targets will be placed at the end of the range and there will be 5 shooting lanes. We will shoot from the behind the blue line on the floor at the front of the range. Any questions, contact Ernest Benoit Please leave a message if no answer. THE INDOOR RANGE WILL BE CLOSED TO ALL OTHER SHOOTERS DURING THIS TIME.

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