Outdoor Range


Range Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to Dusk, Sunday 12pm to Dusk

  • All members must complete the range safety course by the club’s range safety officers before using range.
  • All members must sign in (before going to the range) and sign out (after leaving the range) when using the range; the log book is located at the end of the bar in the club house.
  • Members are responsible to enforce all range safety precautions; FIREARMS MUZZLE ARE NOT TO BE RAISED ABOVE THE 100 YARD TARGET, EXCEPT SHOTGUNS.
  • Members & Non-Members must sign outdoor range book located in the club house at the left end of bar before using range.  Don’t forget to sign-out when you leave.
  • All members must wear club pin while at the range, so members are easily identifiable by other club members.
  • Members must have non-members fill out the range liability form located in club house at the left end of bar before using range. The form can downloaded and printed for additional copies under the By-Laws & Range Rules web page.
  • If you are not familiar with the range rules, please review the documents under the By-Laws & Range Rules or your personal handbook.
  • The range has target holders at 25, 50, 75, and 100-yards with a covered firing point; all shooting < 100-yards must use the target holders which has a steel trap backstop.
  • All targets hung must be at least 6 inches within the card board perimeter to keep lead within the steel trap and prevent damage to posts.
  • Notice: The target holders are supported by posts – do not shoot at posts or hang targets in front of post area.  Shooting at the post will damage and decrease the life of the supports which is costly and requires volunteers to repair.

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