Pheasant Pen Repairs

Ongoing till complete!

Pheasant Pen Repairs Ongoing weekly!

9:00 AM start time Saturdays and Sundays.
If you can find any time to assist at any point of the day it makes big difference!
This is an ongoing project till we get it complete!
Bring yourself, a helper if you have one, your cordless tools, hammers, work gloves and get involved! Screw guns, drills, hammers, saws, etc. Contact:Paul Deardon
If you want the program to be a success, RSC needs you to get involved!
Time to get exercise your carpenter skills! Pen repairs need to be done now, so that you, your hound and your friends can get in on the game later!

Time to walk the walk to raise the stock!

Simple equation - No pen = no stock! If we can't raise the stock, we won't be able to walk the walk to stalk the stock that we didn't stock...

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