Reasons to support H.3866 making crossbows legal for all hunters:

  •  Crossbows are legal in 46 other states.
  •  Massachusetts currently allows crossbow use by disabled persons by permit.
  •  H.3866 allows professional managers at The Division Of Fish and Wildlife to regulate crossbows as they currently do for all other archery equipment.
  •  Crossbows sales would increase Pitman Robertson funding for conservation of both game and non-game species.
  •  Crossbows are quick, quiet, and effective on all types of game.
  •  Crossbow hunting increases options for hunters and wildlife managers in areas where firearms are prohibited, and populations are high.
  •  There are no documented cases of non-hunters being injured by archery equipment in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Please vote for H.3866 and make crossbows legal for all hunters.

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